FX Lambda- Farm Analytics , Smart farming and IoF


At fx-lambda we make high-quality custom software and products for the farming industry , that includes farm analytics ,blockchain solutions for the food and drink sector ,farm nano drones ,Internet of Agriculture bespoke applications , prototyping and testing.

Application Development

Our technical experts are proficient in .NET, Erlang , Java , Python , C++ and much more and our products meet all certification standards.

Smart Farm Analytics

We offer a farm analytics service to help farming businesses uncover and make use of data insights to improve production on a low investment.

Micro flylabs

Our drones or flylabs powered by an award winning field sampling tech and deep learning work autonomous making farms highly productive.

IoA for smart farming

Our low latency high performance IoF technology improves the quality, quantity, sustainability and cost effectiveness of farm production.

Project Management

We are a small company that serve agriculture vertical markets. We manage any project regardless of its Geo and technical scope.

Quality Assurance

We offer high quality software testing for an array of application use cases , thanks to a great team of software quality assurance.

Product Consultancy

Our expertise in software development and smart agriculture will make a difference to your business. Get in touch for a chat.

Technical Support

If you are experiencing a problem with your application or the network , Open a Case , we respond within 2hrs during working days.

We appreciate the expertise and the professionalism of the team at fx-lambda. We have worked with you guys for about 2 years and looks like we should get another 2 in! :)


Meet the people driving the innovation.

Technical Director

Keth :-) Tech stallion , smart agriculture visionery.

Quality Control Manager

Leith :-) User experience perfectionist , Quality service manager.

Engineering Manager

Beth:-) Loves all things geo spatial , ai and farm drone aviation.

Support Director

Tanaka:-) Top rated technical support, smart data & farm analytics expert.


Let us know if you need help...